What are the effects of weed on guys?

It’s quite apparent that most of us have heard about cannabis is beneficial or how harmful it really is. The storylines comes in manners that are both negative and positive. Some are asserting that the plant has been super valuable for them, while some are saying it has done nothing but brought about many side effects. The facts are that there’s not going to be an ending on this. That’s because the herb has a different effect on everyone. For this reason there’s all these reports of positive and negative effects.

ED is a medical condition where men are not able to get or maintain the erection long enough to have pleasurable time with their partner. Men who are in their 40s or over it experience this issue often. But amazing news is that ED is really responsive to treatment. Diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. leads towards ED.

Another matter is that just like individuals differ in their susceptibility to alcohol, additionally they differ in susceptibility to marijuana. All of us know many people in our circle who get wasted only by two or three beverages, while there are some who appear remain sober even if they imbibe the entire bottle. So the case is same for inhaling, smoking or eating bud. Some get sleepy, some get giddy, and some becomes paranoid and so forth. Next time you ask yourself marijuana effects, this should clear your doubts. It is true that different strains have different effect and then there’s also the sensitivity level. But there’s also possibility that marijuana forms that are same can have distinct sexual effect on guys that are different.

There’s still very small quantity of information collected on male sexual function on the effects of marijuana. While there’s a proof of research on marijuana being a sexual inhibitor, odds are that the actual answer maybe slightly more complex than this.


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